There is an easy confidence in Damian’s mark making and his scribbles are rich with personality, there is almost a hint of humour. Yet these patterns resist clear communication, they instead speak through code and reference. Damian’s abstracts express through their energy. Their mood is generally dynamic but sporadically quiet. Some images suggest a sunset, others a sun shower, whilst the occasional work pulsate with the electricity of a late night out. 

When not painting, Damian is a proficient weaver. Just as on the canvas, on the loom the artist blends colours and patterns to compose compelling textile wall pieces, sculptures and cushions. In 2016 Damian collaborated with street-wear designers Soto Smith and Spunky Bruiser on a line of bomber jackets, which featured his original artwork and weaving. In 2017 Damian will undertake a collaboration with painter, Paul Williams, to create an immersive painted installation as a part of Underbelly Arts Festival.