Below the us an opportunity to tune in to the natural cycles of the environment. Whether that means visiting the work once or over the course of a degree, you will see this environment in different states of change, and maybe in small ways reflect on those cycles of change that are always around us.

-Grant Stevens, Artist

Below the mountains and beyond the a computer-generated artwork programmed to change and evolve over a limitless duration. Seventy virtual cameras are positioned throughout a vast simulated landscape, each capturing scenic vistas of forests, deserts, mountains, lakes, oceans, and grasslands. As in the natural environment, day and night come and go, the ocean ebbs and flows with the tides, seasons pass, the weather changes, and the geological and natural landscape evolves.

In this artificial world, time is accelerated: in an hour, four days will have passed; in a year’s time, 100 years will have passed; ten years will replicate 1000 years. The cameras slowly pan through the landscape, capturing subtle changes in the weather, light, and features in the landscape. In a context where digital technologies and interfaces often compete for slices of our fragmented attention, this artwork reminds us to reflect on and tune into the natural rhythms and cycles of the natural environment.

Below the mountains and beyond the desert...plays at daily intervals between other commissions on the UTS Broadway Screen.