Interlock is one of two sculptures in the UTS Art Collection by Ken Unsworth which were originally commissioned for William Balmain Teachers College, Lindfield – the former Kuring-gai campus of the University of Technology Sydney. Unsworth makes a large number of drawings and maquettes for sculptures and installations which he ironically calls his 'never-mades'. Interlock and Blaze, his second collection work, are therefore unique examples of the artist’s early work, as the only 'never-mades' to be realised at full-scale.

The bright yellow puzzle pieces that make up Interlock appear distinct from Unsworth’s later paintings, installations and performances, however the cantilever design and quest for the point of balance have remained a recurring motif throughout the artists career.

[Unsworth] has had a profound influence on successive generations of emerging artists both as a teacher and as a powerful role model of the artist in Australian society; a creative and utterly committed figure who demonstrates compassion, a political conscience and a dark sense of humour about the state of our society.

– University of Sydney Honorary Doctorate Award,