Bird Life Jungle Disco was painted by artists and staff from Studio A, a supported arts studio based in Sydney that creates professional pathways for artists with intellectual disability. Studio A tackles the barriers that these artists face in accessing conventional education and professional development and supports them to achieve their artistic and economic aspirations.

The artwork is a collaboration between seven Studio A artists and features birds and animals at play in a busy social world. Studio A birds come in all shapes, sizes and colours – the artists believe it is their diversity that empowers them. The mural speaks to the character and passion of each of the Studio A artists who made it, and to the diversity and energy of the UTS community itself.

Inspired by the UTS Tower, Studio A artist Victoria Atkinson has painted a motif of towers that allude to the aspirations, drive and achievements of university students. Victoria has dressed her towers in electric colours to create a cityscape that mirrors the energy and excitement of the urban campus. Giant parrots, owls and other native Australian birds and animals by Katrina Brennan, Emily Crockford, Annette Galstaun, Megan Pelham, Lisa Scott and Damian Showyin populate the street and jungle scenes in surprising ways, encouraging creative thinking, play and imagination.